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Recent TC scare

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Hi everyone

So 2 months ago I noticed this bump near the tail of my epydmis on my left testicle which got me worried. It’s actually the same on the other testicle but this one is bigger than the other. It’s not hard but feels like a different texture to the rest of the testicle and it sort of comes and goes in its shape and size, sometimes it feels like a small grain of rice and sometimes you can barely feel it. I went to the docs to get it checked, before even examining me said we’ll probably need to order you an ultrasound, she checked it and said it’s a cyst. Feeling a bit reassured I then waited for the ultrasound appointment which came through and took place last Saturday.

The man who done the scan said ‘everything is fine and the bump your feeling is probably part of the epidymis, there is definitely no cyst or cancer there so nothing to worry about’. Now I’m just a bit confused cos this whole time ive been thinking it’s a cyst and now it’s just a normal part of the testicle. Now I’m just over thinking the whole thing driving myself mad, worrying that the ultra sound missed something. Am I just being stupid haha? would TC become a lot bigger after 2 months ? Can one epydimys be bigger than the other? Dya reckon the GP just made a mistake and I should trust the ultrasound as proof? The radiologist has sent screenshots of the scan to my doctor. I don’t wanna waste doctors time after being given an initial diagnosis so I thought I would post on here instead. Thanks everyone.

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Hi Gaspanic101! I can just tell you live your life and stop worrying! Ultrasound is clear, this is what you should want to hear. I can tell you for sure this is better than being told you have cancer. If there was something to worry about doctors would have taken it further by now. I think testicles cannot be exactly the same size and shape, amd so the epydidymis. It is quite normal if one feels slightly different(not saying much or sensibly different). You have done the right thing to have it checked out and there you go you ended up with no issues. Good news! 

All the best!


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We get the grain of rice/split pea/ball bearing symptom here very often, and it pretty much never ever turns out to be TC. Depending where they are, they can be just a normal part of you or a cyst, so a pretty good guess by the GP if not right this time. Its great they put you forward for an ultrasoud scan, some GPs just dismiss it all.

So, worry over, its not TC. Do however do your duty and check your nuts regularly, no more than once a month!