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Wrong diagnose

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Hi im amir and im 17

I really dont think its a good idea to join this community but i did anyway..

On 15september 2017 i felt an ache in my right testis and lower abdomen..

I decided to bare the pain but after a week i went to see a doctor

Unfortunately it wasnt an urologist

He diagnosed as infection

So i started taking some sort of anti biotics

After the anti biotics finished i still had a big lump in my testis so i went to see a urologist

He got me checked up and saw the results of ultrasound sonography andsaid 90% chance of 


Its been 2weeks after my visit at the clinic and the lump is still there..:(

I heard a lot of bad things about testical cancer and removal surgery of testis and i reaaalllly freaked out...

I went under surgery once because of a skin tumor and it was a bad experience

And i dont want to experience it again

So im just postponing my appointment at the clinic

Please guys share with me your surgical experiences

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Hi Amir.

I'm sorry to hear that you are worried. The path to diagnosis for TC is rarely ever straightforward. Over 99% of the time it is a false alarm, but for the 1% or less then the earielr anything is confirmed, the lighter the treatment. These days the treatment is somewhere between 98% and 101% successful -  what changes is that the longer you leave it the harsher the treatment becomes.

I had TC six years ago now. It was my first ever surgery, so I was worried about the anaesthetic etc. I had no need to worry. After the injection Is said "Ough!! thats sting.....", and then an hour later i was waking up in recovery, all done. IO had walked in at noon, and I left at 6pm the same day - either "limpin' like a gansta", or "like someone who had nicked my horse". I was amazed at how simple it had all been. I went for a 1/32 mile walk the day afgter, surrepticiously checking the scar under my tracksuit bottoms every 50 yards - on reflection I was lucky not to be arrested...

I took paracetamol for a few days, that was all that was needed. In 3 days I was back at work (desk job) moving abit gingerly but otherwise fine. I think I should have left it a few days more, but I was fine.

SO, simple day patient surgery, a week of work, and it gave me the next 50years of my life back. That's a pretty good deal?

For you its an even better deal - get it checked now. IF it is anything then getting it early means just that day patient op, and you'll get 80 years back as a reward.. If you leave it a month or two, you might need chemo as well - that too is manageable, but why risk it?

I don't know who told you bad things about TC, but I bet if you ask every single person on here who had TC whether they'd like to have sorted it earlier, they'll say yes. If you ask them whether the treatment was worth it, they'll say yes.

We do get false alarms here, people who get checked and they don't even need the surgery. You can imagine how happy they feel getting an all clear! We love it too.

So, no more excuses, no more delay. Get it checked and have the all clear, or a very small chance of surgery and another 80 years of life as a reward.

We'll worry about you too until this is sorted,


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Hi, Amir! This is what GP's do, they prescribe antibiotics first to see if things will settle, and then send you to see an urologist. Im my case, I've kept the pain for a long time, can't tell you how long even. But testicle became so hard and painful, and when saw the GP he said he could not feel any lump, despite it had been that hard and if anyone had the chance to compare both testicles, they'd have noticed that this is not normal. I had antibiotics, too. But GP had arranged an ultrasound, too. So when results came back, he sent me to an urologist straight away, and when urologist saw me he knew what it was from the first second he checked the testicle. I was in for surgery in about 3 days later. But as I can see, you have seen an urologist, and you have had an ultrasound, too? And they have not said anything about cancer, just 90% of infection? I wonder after having an ultrasound, how they are not 100 % what it is? They should know. But if thats not confirmed as a cancer, and they are not worried, that means it is not a cancer. As ultrasound would 100% confirm if there was any.

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 I don't think we can say that an ultrasound can be 100% sure whether something is or isn't cancer in the testicle. Many times it is obvious, but sometimes not. My ultrasound said my testicles were clear, it was the 14cm tumour in my abdomen that was found, and so much so that my first diagnosis was 'likely kidney cancer'. Later on I had a PET CT scan and that did show something in the testicle that the ultrasound didn't.

In 6 years here, we have also had one case of a false alarm where the orchidectomy was not needed.

I think the only 100% diagnosis is a biopsy - either by orchidectomy, or by sampling a tumour elsewhere in the body (i had a abdominal needle biopsy). All an ultrasound shows is something of diferrent acoustic density, and they have to interpret that.

If the doctors say '90% sure', then there is a need for further examination, or at the least very close surveillance. Above all I think it should not be a matter of doing nothing.


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Welcome and I think you might right thing by joining the forum. This is a good place to get useful information and for you to ask as many questions you need to.

From someone who has had his fair share of operations (from minor to some major ones), the operation to remove the testical is pretty straightforward and nothing to worry about too much. You are likely to be in and out in a day - I had to stay overnight as my operation was at 7.30pm. 

Other than being slightly immobile for a few days afterwards, I was up and running (not literally) within a week and doing bits and pieces of DIY around my house. Two weeks after I was back at work and you would never know what happened. 

I wouldn't postpone the appointment though. As Greg rightly points out, the longer you leave the worse it may get and the level of treatment you need increases. So I would sincerely recommend getting another appointment to see the urologist and get to the bottom of this. If they say you need an operation then definitely do it - you are more likely to regret this if you don't.

I appreciate this can be a bit scary but trust me that once this is all sorted then you'll look back and wonder what all of the fuss was about. 

Hope that helps.


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I wonder,too‍♂️

In my sonography result

They saw a hypoechoic lesion in about 2mm 

And also had a blood test and urine test i forgot to say

And they all came okay

Maybe its not even a cancer at all

But im having it checked at saturday again

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Thanks man

Thanks for the warm sympathy ❤️❤️

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Thanks for the support rob❤️

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You had an orchidectomy right??

I have few questions about it

Im single and i never experiences sex or anything

I worry about the appearence of my testicle after being removed and if i get married someday...

I worry about fathering a child

Is that a problem you had?

And if you had would you mind sharing it with me 


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I had an orchidectomy like the majority on this forum. I was married at the time of the operation and found out 2 days before my wedding that I had TC so I was in a slightly different position to you. 

Regarding the appearance, you can get an artificial testicle if you wish and they would offer you this option. I never took this as I was in a long term relationship so again, a slightly different position, but I have no doubt there will be someone on this forum who has had the artificial testicle and can offer you their opinion. 

Personally from an aesthetic and practical point of view I don't miss it. I would barely even know that it is missing to be honest, but that's just me. Only having one testicle shouldn't affect your sex life so I don't think you need to worry about that. 

Regarding fathering a child, well, I was informed that I had a low sperm count before the tumour was removed, but whether this is related or not is not known. If you do need the operation then I would suggest have a sperm test before the operation. 

Once I had the operation my sperm count dropped to zero so  the testicle with the tumour in was only one working. Hence, why get a sperm check beforehand. Thankfully I did and manage to bank some.

I hope that helps answer some of your questions. There are wiser people on here than me so hopefully they can shed their experiences too. 


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Oww:( i know how much that hurts

I think i kill myself the day i find out that im barren

Thanks for sharing❤️

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Yes, Greg! I will agree with you! Forgot that there are sone cases of testicular cancer that have not started in testicles, but somewhere in the body. But thats why they should do ultrasound along with the tumor markers, to support their concerns if they are not sure what the are seeing on images. And yes, agree that biopsy makes it 100% sure. Still ultrasound remains fairly accurate way of screening, but I should not say 100% at the same time, as sometimes it turns out it is not.

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Hi guys

I think i’ll close the discussion now

Because i’ve been diagnosed as infection and i got cured after 4weeks of taking anti biotics.

Im really thankfull to god that this happened and very glad that there are a lot of great guys like you out there to support people like me.

Thanks ya’ll❤️❤️❤️❤️