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How Long Before Fathering a Child after Chemo?

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Hi, hoping someone can help me with a dilema I'm having.

My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had 2 cycles of BEP chemotherapy which finished in early September 2009.  Fortunately he got the all clear after his treatment and all the cancer cells have gone.

We had previously thought about starting a family during 2010 and going through the emotions associated with cancer has made us want this even more (and made us realise that life it to short to keep putting things like that off), however I keep reading things that say you should wait at least 12 months before trying for a baby after chemotherapy.

There don't appear to be any studies on the impacts that chemotherapy could have on sperm and therefore the baby  (e.g. any long term impacts - such as increased risk of the baby getting cancer etc) so I'm not sure what the real risks are.  The sensible and logical side of me says to wait the year and start trying in September 2010 but the emotional side of me worries about that and whether something else might happen such as my husband getting TC in his other testical or me becoming ill and us not being able to have a baby due to something like that.

The other unknown is that we don't yet know if my husband has been left infertile after the treatment.

I'm really just looking for any advice you can offer, or anyone who has conceived a baby less than 12 months after having BEP chemo.

Thanks for reading!



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The positive news is that I got pregnant so we know my husband hasn't been left infertile as a result of the chemo... however unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks.  Very upset and can't believe we have more bad news to deal with!

Has anyone any stories they can share re successfully having a baby after BEP chemo?



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I'm soo sorry for your loss.

My husband has one treatment left of his third and final cycle (1 more week!!!) and all blood work is pointing towards a positive result. We were just starting to try to have kids when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer four months ago so I totally understand your frustration with having to wait.

His Dr. said that she recommends all men who plan on having children or haven’t yet had children bank sperm. However, she also said that she has never had a patient have to use their banked sperm. We did meet a patient of hers who followed the same course of treatment (3 cycles of cisplatin, etoposide and bleomycin) and he had in tow two of his kids that he fathered naturally since treatment. We banked just to be safe, but hope not to have to use it.

Please let me know how your doing since I'll be in your shoes 1 year and 1 week from now!


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Hi Gandergirl,

Great to get a reply to this - was thinking I was the only one out there in this position!!  Sorry to hear that your husband has TC and is having chemo just now - it is really tough and I only realised the impact it had on me after the event so I hope you have some support for yourself too?

I am a bit scared to write this in case I'm tempting fate but I have some good news - I am pregnant again and am now 21 weeks!  The first time I got pregnant was just over 5 months after my husband finished his chemo so was definitely too early - we decided to try and see what happened and were surprised but also delighted to get pregnant so quickly!   With hindsight it was probably too early though.  This time it was 9 months after he finished his treatment and so far all seems good - have had 3 scans and all looks great.

So, I just want to say that it will happen for you but if I could give you some advice it would be to wait as long as you feel you can before starting to try (even though we didn't wait the year) as I'd hate you to go through the additional worry we did. I'm not sure the miscarriage was related to the chemo but as miscarriage is one of the potential side affects deep down I think it probably was.

I hope that your husband's treatment continues to go well.