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Success. Blood Results Back.

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As most know on here I had a slight scare when my AFP level had risen from 5 to 9 and had the awful wait to have more blood tests. The anxiety really got to me during these times, and the past 2 days waiting for results were so bad that I got drunk to forget about the worry.

But, yesterday I had the best news ever, my AFP level had fallen to 8. So my oncologist is not concerned and he said I'm just one of these guys that have a normal, high AFP.

My pure seminoma diagnoses was correct :D I was so worried about having to have BEP. I know this is no comfort to some, as they have trials and challenges to face. Hugs and support to those people.

For me, I feel the struggle is temporarily over and I can now enjoy Christmas.

I celebrated last night. Now I'm nursing a horrible hangover.

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Hi Imageek,

good news :-) you can look forward to that holiday now!


Richie Rich
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Hi imageek

Told you so, but seriously great news, I did think you'd been drowning your sorrows as the forum has been quiet without you, but you are a fighter and now you can claim your reward in Lapland. Al Murray says a great cure for hangover is a bacon sandwich. Enjoy.



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Hey Rich,

Yes mate I had been "drowning" a little too much. No more alcohol though. For me the hangover cure was lots of slightly burnt toast and Lucozade. Lapland is likely a no go now. Through all these issues and my problems, the relationship has came to an end. With ever up there's a down I guess. I'm happy. I am happier than I have ever been. There's nothing greater than hearing you're Cancer free.

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Fantastic news !!!