Pain in remaining testicle when laying down

Hi, does anyone get pain in their remaining testicle when laying down? 

I can go to bed with no pain, but after a few minutes of laying down pain starts in my remaining testicle.

I can only assume it's some sort of side-effect from the orchiectomy, some blood flow issue, but why is it affecting the remaining testicle? 

  • Hi Chip,

    I haven't had that issue no.
    In fact I never had pain in my remaining testicle.

    I had the OP 2 weeks ago, since then if I stand too long (> 30 mins) I can feel my removed testicular area been 'restless' like letting me know I need to rest (not really pain pain, more like restless... and increasing pain kinda)

    Laying down help out and I'm normly fine after 15 mins.