Need advice: is it possible after BEPx3 and RPLND relapse with bone Mets?

Hi everyone!

i think I need help.i am really in panic.

my son had last week his 11 months chemotherapy (BEPX3) and nine months RPLND follow up. Bloodwork came back all normal including ALP. CTs showed in his left hemi sacrum somewhat more prominent than last year September one. Radiologist said it maybe bone island, but blastic metastasis could completely excluded. All others are normal.

does anyone Know something similar? Is it possible relapse with bone Mets even tumor markers are all normal? His original histology is non seminoma.

any input will be highly appreciated!


  • Hi amy,

    Sorry you find yourself here.  I had to google hemi sacrum and bone island!  For TC (Mixed GErm cell ) to not show in blood or Lymph nodes, and have made the jump to bones, I’d never say impossible but, it would be very rare.  

    At 11 months post chemo and surgery, you are in great territory.  Was your oncologist concerned? Or suggest next steps?

    tske care 


  • Hi Dan,

    thank you so much for your reply.

    my son did a bone scan yesterday, seems now everything is good, no bone Mets. But the report is  not issued.

    His oncologist said, he has low likelihood concerning something in his bone, because his tumor markers are all normal and ALP is normal too.

    i also did some research, the data were not so convinced. Only retrospective Studies. But as you said, normally TC with bone Mets is very rare, relapse with bone Mets even more rare.  

    now we are really released. I think after one year chemo , the  relapse possibility will dramatically decline, won’t it?

    Again, thank you again for your warm reply, really appreciated! 

    i wish you and the others here all the best!

    Amy, Ran’s mom 

  • Hi,

    yes, get to a year and chances of relapse, although not back to normal population chances, are very low, 2 or 3 percent.  

    I have my year surveillance post relapse on Tuesday.  I’ll be honest - I’ve become a little too relaxed with it. I believe I’m cured! !

    take care 


  • Thank you so much for your knowledge!

    i wish you a all clear result!

    best regards