TRT and shrinkage


I just wanted to see if anyone has any experience of testicular shrikage whilst on TRT? Im currently on HCG monotherapy (pregnyl 1500 iu twice a week) and its increased my T from 7.4nmol to 17nmol in 6 weeks. I feel a lot better mood wise and have more energy but still have a very low sex drive, probably about 25% of what i had before my orchidectomy. Im seeing my endocrinologist on Wednesday and have the option to go on full TRT but im worried about shrinkage or any other side effects. What are your guys experiences with this and by shrinkage i also mean scrotal tightness/coldness etc as i find a high riding and tight testicle quite uncomfortable! If this is likely to be a problem i may just stay on the HCG monotherapy as that preserves fertility butni suppose i could always go back on it if i dont respond well to the TRT. I just still dont feel myself or even half the man i used to be on that alone so considering giving it a go. By the way I tried testogel and it wasn't effective for me so will probably ask for twice weekely injections which im happy to so myself and have heard more potent/effective than gels, ive finally overcome my fear of needles which is one positive from all this! Any advice would be appreciated.



  • Hi Paul,

    I think once you're on hormone replacement then it breaks the feedback loop to the other testicle and it too reduces its output and so can shrink a bit - I've never heard of the scrotum shrinking to be a tighter fit.

    I'd love to know more about the HCG monotherapy - is that a rounadbout way to produce testosterone?

    The UK options tend to be testosterone gel (testogel, testim) or Nebido injections every 10 weeks - I wasn't aware of a bi-weekly injection for testosterone? I tried nebido and gel, and whilst the nebido is mor convenient I didn't get on well with the trough at the end, or the peak at beginning and went back to gels.


  • Hi greg,

    Ive had to go private due to the NHS refusing to treat my low T. It came in at 7.6 and they said they wont touch me unless its below 4nmol. So I looked up the best endocrinologist i could find and we decided to try HCG which is basically a compound similar to the chemical which tells ur testicle to make testosterone. Like i said mine increased to 17 in 6 weeks but sex drive still very low so maybe somethings not right. I was offered nebido when i saw him but wanted to give HCG a go first to preserve fertility. He did also mention bi weekly shots of T cypionate or sustanton (i think). I have also been diagnosed with chronic epidydimitis/prostatitis in my surviving testicle too which may explain the tightness and high riding issue i have. Anyway I'll let u know how i get on, he may decide to keep me on HCG but i think u do get far more options going private then u can just take the letter to your GP and get it prescribed on the NHS when u use up your initial private prescription.



  • Paul

    Testogel does cause testicle shrinkage, no "ifs or buts" your testicles or remaining testicle will shrink if you are on testogel. The reason for this is due to your pituitary gland picking up the testosterone from the gel and sending a signal to the testicles to stop producing.

    I am on testogel for life, my choice due to low testosterone, my testicles have without doubt shrunk and I would estimate they are now only 2/3rds or 1/2 of the size they originally were.

    It can take roughly a year to return to daily morning erections and you will find your sexual performance increases highly.

    Physical gym workouts increase, as does body mass & muscle, body fat will eventually burn off too, I had low bone density and testogel along with heavy "free weights" increases bone density & muscle mass.

    Testicles do shrink, but thankfully no effect on penis.