Hi all, anybody else have/had issues with what appears to be lactose intolerance after a gastrectomy?    If so, did it resolve itself?

  • Hi Andy

    I didn’t but I know others on this group did and I think it’s quite common. did I am sure so may be do a search of previous posts.

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  • Hi Andy , 

    I had a few issues with milk in my cereal - whenever I opened a fresh bottle of milk I would have diarrhea straight away. the next day I'd have milk from the same bottle and I'd be fine! . I was able to tolerate cream , cheese, ice cream etc with no problems. I stopped having cereal , had porridge instead which was fine , I think because the milk has been cooked.

    Things do settle down but I stopped having cereal because it made me feel so rough for an hour or so.

    Things will  get better. Hope everything else is going well for you. 


  • Hi Andy

    I had a problem which developed about 4/5 weeks after my surgery, milk, yoghurt, cheese would give me terrible pains and diarrhoea, I could have a drop of milk in my tea though and was ok with a bit of cheddar. My surgery was just over a year ago and my dietician suggested I try again. I had a little milk the other day and have tried a few more cheeses like feta and goats cheese and also made quiche heavy in cream and cheese and had no problems. So I do believe that things seems to have resolved themselves Fingers crossed tone1

  • Hi Andy

    Lactose was a problem for me. I could cope with cheese and custard ( not together I hasten to add) but not yoghurts or milk except in a cup of tea. Cereals were a definite no, even porridge. 12 months post surgery, I still can’t tolerate milk or yoghurt. My dietician said it was quite common but she wasn’t sure why I could tolerate some but not others. 
    Strangely, I never used to have cream pre surgery but I can and do eat it now. 

    The joys of our new plumbing! 


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  • Thanks all.  Seems quite bit and miss....cheese Is mostly fine and yogurt is ok. Ice cream and any kind of cream aren’t.  I can tolerate a tiny bit of normal milk in tea/coffee but larger amounts like for cereal are a definite no no.  I’m making do with Arla lactose free milk and avoidance.  Hopefully it’ll eventually resolve itself.

    Only other thing I have to avoid is rice, it bloats me out horribly and is quite painful.  Dietician advised me to use packet microwave rice which I’ve tried once and seems ok.