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A support group for anyone affected by stomach cancer, including adenocarcinoma and GISTs (gastrointestinal stromal tumours) to come together, share experiences, and ask questions.

Possible GIST in the proximal rectum/anal junction

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scared!! After colonoscopy the findings are...

1 submucosal tumour (25 mm) 17 biopsies taken. Maybe someone out there in the same boat??? Drastic weight loss, vomiting, sweats feeling rotten all the time. Awaiting results . What to expect????

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It's perfectly normal to feel scared when you've just been diagnosed and you might find this on coping with fear and anxiety helpful.

I didn't have this type of cancer, so don't have any experiences with this type to share with you, but I noticed that your post hadn't had any responses yet.

While you're waiting for replies if you type 'GIST' into the search bar in this group you should find previous posts where GISTs are mentioned. You could have a read of these and respond to any where you feel the poster might be able to help you further.

You may already have found this information but, in case you haven't, I'll link you to Macmillan's info on GISTs. This tells you about how they're diagnosed and what sort of treatment you might have.

I can see from the information in your profile that you're having a scan tomorrow so do come back and let the group know how you get on.


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Hi, thank you sooooo much for taking time to message me. The information you pointed out has been so helpful. Had ct scan today and MRI scheduled for Tuesday. I’m hoping when all the information from both scans come back I will then see the consultant . I’ve got a planned appointment on 31st but hoping they call me in before that!!! I will update when I know something. Again thank you soo much , receiving your message gave me a lift!!!