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Nodal marginal zone lymphoma

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Hi everyone,
after nearly 4 months of tests I have been diagnosed with nodal marginal zone lymphoma.I have a mass in my abdomen.
I am going for a bone marrow test on Tuesday( which I’m not looking forward to).
From what I can gather it doesn’t seem to be very common so finding information out is proving challenging so I thought I would join this group for a bit of support.
They haven’t said 100% yet that it wil be a case of watch and wait but being that I’m only 35 and am having no symptoms I’m assuming they probably will which of course is hard to get your head round when you think of having cancer.
Any information would be greatly received
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Hi I was just checking through some unanswered posts, but I see you have found your way to the non Hodgkins  lymphoma groups, so well done. I saw that you mentioned that you were only 35 and that you felt you were dealing with getting the diagnosis ok. I wondered if the group diagnosed at a young age might also be of interest to you so I’ve put the link below for you to click on just in case.

Best wishes


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Thank you so much for that,I will take a look at it now. Any areas where I can find support are welcome.

hope you have s nice day