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Subtotal Gasterectomy..

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My aunt was recently diagnosed with Stomach cancer after 6 years in remission from Breast Cancer.  In a blink of an eye all our lives changed.  She is now at MD Anderson receiving treatment and just had 80% of her lower stomach removed.  During her initial diagnosis and scans there after it seemed my aunt had a localized tumour and no chemo or radiation would be required post surgery.  That all changed this past Sunday when her doctor informed her that traces of signet ring cancer cells were found in one of the lymph nodes that was removed.  Now Chemotherapy is a must for at least 4-6 months.

I've been reading some of the posts regarding gasterectomy (stomach cancer) but most posting indicate pre chemotherapy sessions before surgery.  What does this mean?  Has her chances of survival diminished due to the surgery before chemo?  so confused and scared.  

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Sorry you find yourself in this situation and please don't be hard on yourself thinking through all the 'what iff's.

It may seem like there are lots of tests and diagnostic equipment and procedures these days but in reality, everyone is an individual and sometimes things only come to light during surgical intervention or whilst looking for something else entirely.

Even then, the treatment plan can be different for different people with what appears to be the same diagnosis. Also some treatment teams follow different protocols than others, land ots of factors are considered when honing a person's treatment.

I understand that you want the very best care for your Aunt and that the many options and implications are complicated.

Please take a deep breath and don't be hard on yourself trying to process all that is going on immediately. 

Are you geographically close enough to talk to her healthcare team? Are other family members around to offer support?

I myself had a gastrectomy and it is good that your aunt was judged fit and well enough to undergo this procedure and to manage the chemo to come.

Do pop back to update us on how you are both doing. We are here for advice and to lend to shoulder and an ear.

Good luck, take care is OK because unicorns can see you : )