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left supraclavicular node

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Hi.. I'm new here and don't have any diagnosis as yet.. 

I'm currently being investigated for lymphoma however I have recently found my left supraclavicular node is enlarged. I know there is a strong like between this node and stomach cancer. I'm now panicking that my other swollen nodes (groin and left armpit) are a secondary cancer to the stomach. I have weight loss and some night sweats.

I Don't have any specific stomach cancer symptoms other than i have recently developed abit of burping throughout the day.

I just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar  with not many stomach cancer symptoms but having an enlarged left supraclavicular node??

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HI Louise,

Please try not to worry too much, hard as it is - while you are right, stomach cancer can spread to the left supraclavicular node (virchow's), in practice, it is not so common at all. Yes, it did happen to my dad who was misdiagnosed with a gastric lymphoma at first (he had a very large primary mass in his stomach), but in all my reading of many different boards over a good amount of time, I have heard of very few people with spread to this lymph node and the GI guy who did the endoscopy said it was very uncommon.

A CT/PET should shed more light on things and please do let us know how you go, either way.



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