Radiotherapy after Myxofibrosarcoma recurrence on transtibial stump followed by skin-flap and then further surgery to a part that has not healed!

Hi All, I haven't been active here for a while as I felt so well recovered from my below-knee amputation in 2016, and my prosthetic journey seemed to have taken me further than I expected in the two and a half years that followed. Then, early this year I noticed a swelling on my was a recurrence of the same kind of sarcoma. In two and a half months I have had three surgeries all under general anasthetic - the lump removed, a skin-flap to cover the rather bony area, with the flap taken from my thigh, and a further day surgery to repair a part of the incision that wouldn't heal, just last week.

The plan is that after the healing is properly done I am to have 6 weeks radiotherapy on the stump to lessen the risk of further recurrence. However I find it hard to be confident that the RT won't cause further breakdown of the healed areas. My goal is to have a sufficiently strong stump again to withstand the stresses and strains of wearing a prosthetic leg.

I admit it's a bit unusual, but does anyone have any experience of this sort of thing?