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Recurrence of Soft Tissue Sarcoma after 3 years

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Hello All,

Three and a half years ago I had a below-the-knee amputation as the myxofibrosarcoma in my ankle was inoperable. It has been an amazing journey with the RNOH Satnmore where I had the surgery and everything that followed - physio and prosthetics, and I've been walking better and better with a super slim leg as my stump shrank more and more.

I knew there was always the chance of recurrence but refused to dwell on that possibility. However asfter a long investigation of a lump on the stump over the past 6 months it emerged that the lump was a recurrence of the same sarcoma.

Over the last 3 weeks I have had two further surgeries - I opted for excision of the lump as it was contained in a capsule, rather than a resection as I want to retain my perfectly good knee. Then two weeks later (that is 10 days ago now) I had a skin flap which was done at the Royal Free Hospital. They did a beautiful job and I'm sure it's going to be great when I get to start again with prosthetics. The skin flap was the recommendation rather than a graft which wouldn't be strong enough to withstand the pressures and stretching that happens when wearing a prosthetic leg.

I have to say though that while I can look ahead to a brighter future (yes i know, a further recurrence is always a possibility but I am not going there!), I am feeling a little shaky right now and in some pain. Wishing you all well XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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Just want to say you are amazing. You have been through so much, of course you a little shaky!! I am 3 weeks post op and feel like rubbish! You have inspired me to get up and get on with things. So thank you and give yourself a hug xxxxx