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I feel so angry with the hospital as it took them nearly 4mnth to find that my dad has angiosarcoma, he has now been referred to a specialist hospital in London, and starts his chemo in 2 days, But I fear it is too late the growth has spread, it has started to smell rotten and now he says the pain has gone, which would mean it has got to the nerve endings, has anyone else gone through this. I've read many sites about the stages and expectancy,, I want to stay positive and hope chemo can help but its ripping me apart inside knowing and feeling it just days or weeks left with him and I can't do anything to help. 

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Hi @bobadob1, sorry to hear about your dad and yes I recognise a whole lot of what you say, but then in took probably two years to actually find my wife's cancer and a different condition all but killed her in the meantime.

There are a lot of sites out there but often find that human nature mean that people talk about bad experiences rather more than good and for all the sites nobody can actually tell what will happen in a specific case.

For my wife, who has Leiomyosarcoma secondaries scattered through her lungs, has done two different chemotherapies and currently this has rendered her cancer stable - so good that now she is only on 9 month reviews and very much living with cancer and really very well.

I did a living with less stress course that really helped my, you might find some of the advice in I'm looking after someone with cancer useful too.