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Ultrasound results

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I have a small 16mm slow growing semi firm lump on my thigh above my knee 2”. It doesn’t move and isn’t squishy. The skin above it is slightly faint bruise like discoloration barely noticeable. No pain. PCP said she didn’t think it was a lipoma so she sent me to ultrasound. The radiologist said it is a lipoma, but he said it was Hypoechoic and reading online sarcomas are usually Hypoechoic where as lipomas are hyperechoic generally.
Should I insist on a biopsy?

“Elliptical partially circumscribed Hypoechoic structure  with similar architecture of surrounding fat pattern compatible with lipoma”

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I'm sorry that I can't help with your question but I noticed that your post had gone unanswered. It could be that no one in this group feels that they have had the same experience so can't answer or simply that the right person hasn't seen your post yet. By replying to you it will 'bump' the post back to the top of the page where hopefully it'll be seen by someone who feels that they can reply.

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Hi ,

so from your desciption - slow growing and semi firm sound rather good, lipomas are really quite common and sarcomas are quite rare.

In the UK at the moment there is quite a drive to ensure sarcomas are not missed and so more people have to wait for a biopsy with the stress of that only to finally get the all clear.

I am not an expert so cannot offer medical advice but it might be an idea to keep an eye on your lump and see if things change more quickly and of course if the lump causes you some problems it might be worth dealing with it whatever but that will involve surgery and the inherent risks in that.



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Thank you, I just haven’t heard of the bruise like skin over a lipoma so it just makes me suspicious but I’ll watch and wait