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Do I have a soft tissue sarcoma?

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Hello, I am new to this and have my ultrasound next week on my thigh. My Dr didn’t know what it was by feeling it.. I am just worried alittle so just I would ask those that have been through it. About a month ago I noticed a slow-growing lump on my thigh about 2” above my knee. It is not movable and relatively hard and about the size of a peanut only. If feels pretty deep. The skin above the lump is slightly discolored  bruise -like, but there is no trama that occurred, it’s just always like that. No pain 

i had thyroid cancer 3 years ago, although there should be no connection as thyroid cancer usually returns in bone or lung not skin. 

Anyway did any of you have similar lumps that ended up being sarcomas or not?


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Hello , welcome to the online community, I’m one of the community champions a volunteer that helps people find there way around the site, (I first came here as a metastatic melanoma patient). I’m sorry you haven’t had a reply yet from anyone in the group, I don’t know if that’s because they don’t have the experience that your looking for. I have had a hard small lump come up on my forearm a year ago the ultra sound showed it was just a cyst and it went down again a few weeks later. I obviously don’t know if that’s the case for you but my feeling is once you have had cancer you are extra vigilant and want to get things checked out. 

I wondered if you wanted to join the thyroid group I will put the link in for you to make it quicker for you if you do, there might be others who know the feeling of apprehension for other things going wrong, and you might find sharing your experience with others in that group takes your mind of waiting for the scan ? Or am I wishful thinking.

There is an ask a nurse section if you want to ask medical questions the links below, but you might need to just wait for the ultrasound.

I hope your wait doesn’t seem to long.


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Thank you for the reponse. I know I just need to be patient.  When I had my thyroid nodule discovered the doctor said it’s very rare to be thyroid cancer and it’s probably just a benign nodule. And after the biopsy he said that it would still probably come back negative for cancer and then he called me a few days later saying it was cancer. So I’m just worried about this. My PCP said she thinks it probably a benign cyst or something (not lipoma as far as she could tell). There is some rare cases of soft tissue sarcoma from tyroid metastasis but it’s very rare so I doubt that’s it. I’ll wait for my ultrasound next week before I do any more reading on it LOL