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Soft tissue sarcoma in right leg and spread to left lung

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Tumor in leg was the size of small football

Two nodules in left lung

Drs wanted to do chemo and radiation to shrink tumors and make them more operable them surgery followed by more chemo and radiation 

My research led me to avoid chemo and radiation 

opted to go to clinic in Mexico using B17 as well as intravenous vitamins as well as a variety of other treatments 

Tumor shrank by 25 percent in leg , nodules in lung disappeared 

Went back to states to have tumor in leg surgical removed,

Drs said tumor was dying and basically rolled out of hole , he was very surprised.

Got clean margins, felt great throughout whole treatment 

Radically  changed diet , 0 sugar all organic 

About one year now scans are good

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Hi , it sounds like you’ve been through a lot during the past year, great news that your scans are good. Ive popped in from my usual group ( I’m a metastatic melanoma patient) to see you need any help finding your way around the site. 

It looks like you’ve been able to find the group for your type of cancer and your post certainly lists what you’ve been through. I put that kind of detail in my profile so that people know where I’m coming from and so I don’t have to repeat myself so much. Actually sometimes I find writing down what I’ve been through quite therapeutic. I started a blog on here when I didn’t want a discussion with someone, I just wanted to get things out of my head. I find the discussion bit in the groups good when someone is reaching out to others and the group members reply to help. 

If there’s anything that you need help with just hit reply and ask, or you may want to look through the other posts in this group to see if you can help them.

best wishes and welcome to the community 


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