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Sarcoma possible newbie - 3rd primary (lump next to spine T3)

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Apologies in advance for ramble! I feel a bit shell shocked to be back on the cancer treadmill something I’m finding people don’t get “it’s not confirmed yet, so don’t worry” as most sufferers I have spoken too, it’s not the disease itself it’s the not knowing. 

My current mantra is surely I can’t be that unlucky to get a 3rd primary? My history is NHL follicular lymphoma 2015 and breast cancer im 2017 both found early and treated with surgury and rt.

I noticed a lump probably about 6 weeks ago but kept putting it down to being my spine as have a skinny/boney back. So a week ago I had my gall bladder removed and my husband was massaging my back to help with the gas and he found it. So given my history I had it checked by my dr who though wasn’t sure it wasn’t a lipoma referred me to hospital. I saw a haematologist yesterday who explained she had picked it up to get the ball rolling. After examining me she said didn’t think  it was related to nhl and is concerned as lump ishard, not painful appears to be teethered to something. She was very upfront and said because she felt I would end up at the sarcoma unit she wanted to make sure the next steps were relevant so is going to speak to other consultants about what tests are to be done. So here here we go agsin :)

In the meantime I’m trying to convince myself given the odds it will be benign but being on a Macmillan group and talking to others has always helped, fellow sufferers always get it.

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Hi , sorry to hear about this worry, no need to apologise we all recognise just where you are at.

Sarcoma is one of the rarer types of cancer and is sometimes missed so it has a high profile at the moment, Lumps are indeed very common so fingers crossed it is something benign but even if not it is good you sought the right advice.



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Thank you its just so nice to hear from others as I find those nearest and closest don’t always get where you’re coming from and this is a great place to go for a chat.

best wishes Sarah