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Sarcoma upper arm

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Hi guy's thought I would pop in and say hello. I recently went to my GP about this lump on my arm that he told me 6 years ago was fatty tissue, because it had grown rather large now (about the size of a lemon) but the real reason I actually went to see him was the dull pain I was experiencing in my collar bone and shoulder socket, the very next day I got a call from the hospital and was in 4 days later for x-ray, I saw a professor there in Reading. Then was called again a few days later and told to come in to see another guy, this guy has moved my case to the Oxford sarcoma centre, where I’m told a team will look over my MRI results and get back to me. My MRI was yesterday, so if things stay as they have I’m expecting a call any day now. I have no idea what this is yet, but I don’t think I will be waiting too long before I know.  Anyway, just wanted to say hi, as I’m sure I will be back many times with questions John

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Hi John It is a shame to meet this way but hi. I have had a liposarcoma in my left thigh. We are here for any questions. I am in ozs so our health care is different but still lots we can share. I really hope it is nothing but if it is there is still lots of hope too.Kate

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Hi krazykat, thanks for the reply. How did your treatment work out for you? Good I hope.

Right now it's a guessing game, I keep looking at all the different Sarcomas trying to figure out what one applies to me. I guess I’m trying to figure out what one I have and what the possible treatments will be for me, so I can be ready mentally.  I see the amount of people that went in with a lump on the wrist and came out without their arm and it’s kind of worrying, I know most people would say I’m jumping to far ahead, but it’s the way I have always prepared myself, to be ready for anything.

I am also interested in finding out what expectations someone might have if they decided not having the treatment. I’m sure this is not talked about here very often. But I’ve had this arm a long time now, worked it at the gym many a time and really don’t intend on giving it up regardless of any outcome.

Hope you guys are having a good day and are being inundated with good news. 

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You sound very much like me.  I crave knowledge, especially if I am anxious about something.  I have done the same, searched the internet to discover limb saving surgery is now more available and thought OMG, I might lose my leg!

I get the results of my MRI tomorrow and as my NHS Scarcoma team deem me low risk, have paid for private surgery as I cant wait up to a year for it removing.

My lump is the size of a tennis ball in my thigh muscle, so I am worried that if it grows much more, there wont be much leg left...  So I am hopefully in for surgery next Thursday and then a quite re-couperating Christmas with my family looking after me for a change.

So, I totally understand where you are mentally on this one, but my experience is limited so far, so all I can do is wish you well.




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Hi John Just wishing you well in your next appointments. My sarcoma was in my stomach wall so not prominent but found early enough to be removed this summer. I hope you get all the answers you need and want and try not to google too much x Jo, good luck with your results tomorrow. I too get results tomorrow of possible mets on my liver at the Royal Marsden. Take care all Cath x
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Hi John


My father went to his GP several times with a lump on his upper arm. He was sent away until it grew so large he was unable to put on his shirt. He was then admitted to the Royal Marsden where they put our minds at ease and treated him. The biopsy showed it was high-grade cancer so it was removed and followed up with 6 weeks of radiotherapy. He is doing well, has quarterly scans and has good use of his arm.

It was a terrible shock to us all, didn't even know this type of cancer existed. However, I think if it is diagnosed correctly and early enough there is plenty of hope.