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Infiltrative BCC of outer ear

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I’m having a rough time with this. I was diagnosed 4 months ago and had surgery yesterday to remove the main  site on my top outer ear - but as it’s infiltrative they have to cut out a large section and also did ear reconstruction at the same time - which also then leaves me with a smaller ear. Struggling with all of this  - and the prognosis with it being infiltrative -  has anyone else had anything similar done or going through the same process ? 

thanks x

Frankie 1
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Hi ChristinaJ

i have just had second surgery in four weeks for infiltrating bcc on my nose I have had reconstruction done by way of a forehead flap which was separated yesterday, I not going to lie it’s been a challenge but I am cancer free and my scars will heal, I look bad at the moment but I’ve seen after pictures and you can hardly see any scars the plastic surgeons are amazing, I’ve posted a pic on here I hope you can see on another thread.

 I am left with a larger and different shaped nostrils as my bcc was on tip of nose and down septum and Left nostril, it is all hard to deal with I understand but honestly They do amazing thing and I promise you when they tell you your cancer free the feeling far outweighs your anxiety now.

good luck hope you get sorted soon