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Microcystic adnexal carcinoma

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Hi Alex

Had appt on Tues. Didn't have a good start as I went to wrong hospital. Made assumption from comments made by dermatologist who kept mentioning main hospital in neighbouring trust. I hadn't read appt letter properly. Just date and time. Luckily went with my daughter who sat naved us to proper place, still in time for appt.

Consultant was excellent and was very low key about it all. They will schedule me for Mohs surgery in next 2-3 weeks. They op on all women one day and all men another. Says there is about 90 mins while path results are completed and that I can have female visitors during that time. The hospital is not far from home but in an area that only a couple of friends are familiar with. Hope to be able to read to pass the time.

It seems that there will be competition to perform op. There are 4 surgeons who do them and none have seen a Microcystic Adnexal Carcinoma. She said that she was hoping go get to do it, but if not, then my slides will be well examined as everyone wants to have a look. 

I am retired in my early 70s so don't have to worry so much about my appearance for work but don't want to frighten the grandchildren. Will probably hang about at home and in the garden while I heal. Friends can do any errands and my daughter and son don't live far away, although both they and their spouses work. I do the school run twice a week to pick up but will pass that on to other grandparents so that I don't scare any kids in playground.

I am ready for it to be happening now.

This will be your crazy time in school. My son in law is a teacher and he is marking like mad. 

Hope you are getting ready to enjoy your break.

Will let you know how op goes.