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BCC recently diagnosed, anyone not in their home country going through treatment?

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Ive just been diagnosed with BCC, I am a brit expat living in Germany, (only been here a couple of years)

I was wondering if there was anyone else going through treatment not in their home country, I am struggling here with the stress of language translation and procedure as its all entirely new to me. 

Any tips? any advice? I had my biopsy done in the doctor surgery, I go on Monday for discussion on next steps treatment wise. 

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Hi  and welcome to the online community

I'm sorry to read that you have just been diagnosed with a BCC and it must make it doubly difficult living in a country where you may not be fluent with the language.

You may find this leaflet produced by Macmillan useful but you MUST remember that it relates to treatment in the UK and treatment in Germany may be different.

Macmillan do provide an online group which you might find useful joining called living with cancer outside the UK. Here you can share experiences with others from around the world and you may find someone from Germany who has gone through what you're dealing with at the moment.

Best wishes 


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Thank you so much for posting the links above, Its so helpful, I shall take a good look at them now. 

many thanks 

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Hi Asswindandfire! 

I was in the same boat as you, as I'm Canadian living here for the past couple of years. Moved here for love!  It was hard being away from my family and being so far away. This website really helped me. 

Sending you positive vibes! 

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Thank you bowring, I think im quite lucky, as the referral and surgery is much quicker here than in the UK. Its hard being away from family and friends support wise, but all the texts, phone calls emails etc help me know people are thinking of me, which is a support in itself. 

I have surgery thursday and then approx 10 days wait to be sure that enough skin has been taken. 

sending everyone best wishes and speedy recovery.