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Recovery time after surgery for eyelid cancer

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I have Bcc on my upper eyelid in the corner, and would like to know how long I will need off work after reconstructive surgery.  Also how long before I can drive? Thank you. 


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Hi  and welcome to the skin cancer forum

I'm sorry to read that you have a BCC on your upper eyelid which needs removing. I see that you have also posted this question in the ask about skin cancer section and hopefully Wilma, the skin cancer nurse specialist, will be able to reply in a couple of days.

I have searched in this group but not immediately found anyone who has had a BCC removed from their upper eyelid. However, if you use the search bar you'll find lots of threads commenting on lower eyelid surgery which might help.

Best wishes x

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Hi Bedale! 

I had a BCC removed from my lower eyelid back in April and I took 2 and half weeks off work since my job is labor job. I wanted my skin graft to take and my body needed all the rest. The worst part of the experience is the stress and anxiety waiting for the surgery date to come. 

Take Care