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Aldara cream

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I've remembered the ointment I had for after - Fucidin. It helps to promote healing and reduce scarring.



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Thanks toxophilite I wiil note that down and ask for that if they restart me on aldara xx

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I have used Fusidin, but it is an anti fungal cream. It will not get rid of precancerous cells!

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Thanks SueLynn I think the fusidin is to be used in between aldara days to help with the effects of it. I think if the consultant restarts me on aldara I will have another flare up but at least if I'm given the fusidin cream too maybe my flare up won't be as horrific as this time. X

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Hello, I was prescribed Aldara cream and had the same side effect, I have a sore patch of basal cell carcinoma on my chest, I was referred to the plastic surgeon to have the area cut out but as it would be a large area and scarring i was referred to the skin specialist to see if the Aldara would work first.

I used the Aldara and then my chest was also covered with sores and weeping and i had to stop the treatment and use an antibiotic cream as it was infected. I had to leave it a few months and use again and i had the same reaction and was really ill with side effect with my lungs, i had like asthma symptoms and a cough for months. I was referred for an Asthma test and that was ok then had a chest xray and that was ok and the has a lung scan and that came back ok.

I am due to see the skin specialist nest month MAY, I am trying to health the skin myself so that i do not have to have surgery. I have not slept well for a few years now and I am worn out, the sore is on my breast so not a good place as contact skin on skin and it pricks and burns. I was diagnosed November 2016 and first saw the plastic surgeon in February 2017 then backward and forward to the skin specialist. I have now had this sore for about 5 years as it took so long to diagnose as it was use this cream use that cream from my GPs, oh its a fungal infection.

Please research the Aldara before you use again.