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Aldara cream or MOHs surgery

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It's good the decision is made for you now and I'm glad your boyfriend is being supportive.

Regarding what to wear , I remained in my own clothes. The surgery was on an examination bed in a normal consultation room. 

Make sure after that you've got food supplies in - my husband was working away and I had to rely on friends to bring me things because I couldn't get out- being my nose I couldn't wear my glasses! 

All the best for a happy Christmas.

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Hello again. So glad you are sounding more upbeat at this difficult time. You are very wise to be guided by your consultant; because you are being treated privately he has given you the best advice and not the cheapest. 

The cream I use at least twice daily is Eucirin 50. You can buy it on Amazon or larger Boots stores. If you find it a bit thick I use Boots own factor 50 then use the tinted one. It also ensures full covering. I wish you well and try not to worry you are obviously in excellent hands. Merry Christmas x

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So your scc wasnr superficial? Did they know this after the biopsy??

I am having the same dilemma as OP. I have started aldara cream as recommended by my dermatologist but am wondering if I should just go ahead and do the MOHS. 

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I keep seeing posts on here that seem to think Mohs surgery is worse than “ regular excision”. But here’s the difference. With Mohs surgery, the surgeon starts with a small excision, then immediately looks at it in the lab for clean margins.  If cancer cells remain, then more is removed until the margins are clean. The intent is to only remove what is necessary. I had Mohs 7 months ago, and had to have two “passes.” The whole procedure was 45 minutes long and only required numbing once. And I know all the cancer was removed since the pathology was run immediately. I have seen a couple of posts where people had to have a second surgery weeks after the first because their pathology report showed cancer remained. The Mohs eliminates this because the pathology is done immediately, and you don’t have to wonder if anything got left behind. 

Melm 68

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Hi melm68

I totally agree. If I had been given the chance of MOHS I would have taken it,  but they don't do it where I live and my op had to be done really quickly as it was SCC. I ended up having to have a second op about 3 months after the first, so if you get offered MOHS then you should definitely take it!

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I have used Aldara in the early stages it’s very good. I would give it a try as at least you might prevent having it cut out. 

Aldara does dry the skin and you get a scab, sometimes other areas around scab as well but that means there is often pre cancerous lesions there also. It can be sore for a while but then it heals and the skin might look whiter but it does work.

Good luck