Pseudomyxoma peritonei

Pseudomyxoma Peritonei is a rare cancer of the appendix. If you're suffering from PMP, or know someone who is, join this support group.

Pre and post op surgery for PMP

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Hi All,

A close friend is due to have major surgery for PMP and would love to be able to support her by getting a gift box with items she may find useful pre or post op. I know the recovery will take many months and she has no immediate friends or family that live close by so wondered what to get.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Good morning. I see no reply so .... as a community Champ and from the breast cancer group I have popped over with a few ideas.

We have had this question several times over there

Hand creams, body lotion all in small tubes not necessarily fragranced as they can cause some issues. The skin tends to dry out in hospital and due to anaesthetic.

Boiled sweets as again a sore dry throat after surgery (avoid the obvious chocolate)

Puzzle books and sudoku something to past the time. Put in a pen or pencil too. I was bought a colouring book and crayons

A magazine 

My daughter bought me a downloadable book to listen to and a small pretty book to write some positive thoughts in as we can get caught up in all the rubbish of treatment and recovery

Not for the box .... but a few healthy microwave meals or soups for when its a challenge to eat / cook

That's a start I hope


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what a lovely thoughtful idea, she is lucky to have you as a friend in her time of need. The things I found helpful and that I used the most after my surgery I’ve listed. 

Peppermint oil ( to sniff when feeling nauseous and when everything smelt a bit iffy) 

lavender oil ( to sniff to help feel calm and few drops on pillow to help sleep) 

face wipes

small pillow to hold against stomach when sleeping and when in pain , this helped a lot! Also it was nice to have something from home so I brought my favorite blanket


Mints , chewing gum or peppermint tea  these are a must for stimulating the digestive system and recovering your Appetite ( must be peppermint and not spearmint )

 A little treat that isn’t anything to do with being ill like a nice hand or face cream or nail varnish , something to make you feel more human and like your old self. 

Hope this helps and wish your friend good luck xx