Pseudomyxoma peritonei

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Symptoms of recurrence of PMP

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I'm new to this group despite having had cyto and hipec for Lamn 2/PMP nearly 3years ago. 

I am down to 12 monthly CT's now and have managed to go 10 months realatively worry free (due my next CT in Feb19)

until recently I have been symptom free but for the last 3/4 months I've been experiencing left sciatic type pain radiating to my groin  at first intimittantly (only when needing to empty my bowel) and more recently this pain is there constantly  

my cyto involved removal of my right ovary with preservation of my left ovary and uterus (was only 45 at the time of the op)

i don't have an ovarian cyst (had ultrasound) but I'm unsure as to whether the symptoms might suggest formation of something sinister that is causing referred pain  

I was wondering whether anyone on here has any symptoms like this or have had recurrence of the disease following treatment 

thanks in advance  x

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Hello ,

it's always a worry when we are between scans or waiting for scans. Until we have that piece of paper in our hands, we worry. Have you contacted the clinical nurse specialists where you had your operation and spoken with them? Did anything show up on the ultrasound?

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Thanks for replying

i haven't had any scans yet, just a quick look at my left ovary. 

I emailed my surgeon as my Gp advised and he didn't seem overly concerned but said he would see me if I was worried. 

I am now debating whether to see him or wait for my next scan (feb19) as I don't want to appear neurotic!!

so I was wondering whether anyone has had similar symptoms and whether anyone had a recurrence 3 years after surgery? 

I'm  probably being daft but I also have consistently raised CA19-9 which makes me worry about a co existing colon problem