What is the recovery like?

Hi All

Just an update on my situation. 

I have had my CT scan results and have been booked in for cytoreduction and HIPEC mid August in Basingstoke.
Any advice on recovery? I have had operations before but I have never been in intensive care. I am also wondering what the chemo treatment is like after the operation. 

Hoping it works! 

  • Thank you so much for your very detailed account. I really appreciate the time you have taken to respond. It gives me some idea of what to expect although I suppose you can never feel quite prepared. I just can’t imagine not being able to eat. So not like me! 
    Good luck with your continued recovery. 
    sounds like you are doing really well in a short space of time which is encouraging. 
    Keep strong xx


    Another Basingstoke patient here. You've had some great advice already above. I had my cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC in Basingstoke in 2011 and also barely remember anything about being in ITU. I did however recognise the nurses when they brought another patient through to the ward so something must have sunk in! My husband visited me and to this day I would swear he was there for 5 minutes max but he tells me he was there for several hours.

    The staff are amazing and you will be well cared for.

    Angela x

    Pseudomyxoma peritonei survivor
    Pseudomyxoma Survivor

  • Aw thanks Angela. That’s good to know and reassuring. Hope you are still well x

  • https://mypmpexperience.wordpress.com/

    Kaz Jax, have a read of the long detailed blog from a PMP patient who was treated at Basongstoke. It covers her initial diagnosis, her treatment and her recovery. 

  • Thanks JC. An emotional read but it is good to hear of the experiences of others. It can be a lonely journey otherwise.  Lou sounds remarkably resilient and I like the way she faces adversity by just getting on by trying to live normally. X

  • Hi I had cytoreduction with hipec on december  31st. Woke up in the new year. Its a long surgery but remember you are asleep so no worries. The anaesthetist was really good with me and talks through what its like when you come round and it eaed my worries when I woke and listened to his voice. Hi its Dan remember what we spoke about calm your breathing and we will take the tube out as fast as we can. Or something very close to that. I felt at ease. The HIPEC you won't even realise you've had it. The whole team at Basingstoke were great. The surgeons done a wonderful job with me but everyone is different so hopefully yours goes to plan also. I've had my life saved twice this year by the surgeons at Basingstoke and Southampton im in total debt and gratitude to them. You are in great hands.

  • Wow what a New Year!
    Thanks for your response. It s very reassuring to hear from people who have been through it. It gives me some idea what to expect. I hope your recovery is going well and the treatment has been effective for you. 
    I m sure you will be enjoying this New Year! 
    Take care x

  • Hi, My mum has just had this operation and had 3 days in ICU and then transferred to the ward. Her operation was at Christie in Manchester. 

    Hope yours goes well

  • Hi Mandalor

    Thanks for your reply and hope your mum recovers well. It is good that you are using this site too. It is not only patients that need support but also family need it too. My surgery went very well and am now home recovering well. It will be a long recovery for your mum so I am sure she ll appreciate your support. 
    Best wishes to you both