What is the recovery like?

Hi All

Just an update on my situation. 

I have had my CT scan results and have been booked in for cytoreduction and HIPEC mid August in Basingstoke.
Any advice on recovery? I have had operations before but I have never been in intensive care. I am also wondering what the chemo treatment is like after the operation. 

Hoping it works! 

  • Hi

    I can't help with experience of recovery in intensive care but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. Replying to you will 'bump' it back to the top of the discussion list.

    If you don't get any responses you could also post this question in the ask a nurse section of the online community and one of the specialist nurses will respond within 3 working days. 

    Wishing you all the best with your upcoming surgery


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  • Thanks for the advice Latchbrook x

  • Hi!

    I had the surgery a year ago. If I’m honest, I barely remember being in intensive care! You’re on that much pain medication, it’s a bit of a blur! I had chemo during the op although none after xx 

  • Thanks Louise. I m counting down the days now. Fingers crossed! I m keeping myself busy by getting fit as I can for the surgery. Xx

  • Great idea! I cannot stress to you enough how much difference it makes to your recovery. When is your op? X

  • Going in on 17th Aug and having the op on 19th Aug. So not long to go!! X

  • Which hospital are you going to? Xx 

  • Ah ok. Mine was at the Cristie. Both amazing hospitals xx

  • I had cytoreduction and HIPEC at Basingstoke 6 weeks ago.

    I can't remember much about my time in intensive care, but the care and attention you will receive after you are back in the ward is second to none. The doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and carers will ensure that you are comfortable and pain free.

    I was weak with little energy but was slowly encouraged and helped to get out of bed each day and start to walk, just a few paces at first, but increasing a little each day. I was given breathing exercises to do as well. I was unable to eat for 2 weeks and was given nutrition through a vein in my neck, after 2 weeks I was encouraged to start eating again but could only manage a few mouthfuls at a time. I had very little post operative pain whilst in hospital, but on the few occasions when I did feel pain I had a pump that I could operate that gave me a shot of painkiller through an epidural in my back. 

    I was discharged after 3 weeks and returned home. It is now 6 weeks since my operation and day by day I am getting stronger and slowly my appetite is getting better and my bowel function is returning to something approaching normal. I have no pain at all. I lost 12Kgms in weight. Recovery is slow, but I was told that it may take 6 months or more to get back to full fitness. If I have any concerns I can call one of the specialist nurses for advice. They will keep in touch with you anyway after your discharge.

    I was told that my disease was low grade and that I don't need further chemo.

    I wish you all the best for your operation, recovery won't be a walk in the park but be reassured that the whole team at Basingstoke are dedicated to their work and you could not be in better hands.

    There will be some days after your operation when you will feel exhausted and miserable, but day by day you will improve and your strength will return. Try not to worry too much, easy to say I know, but a positive attitude and some determination will see you through it and before you know it you will be home again and the hard part will be behind you.

    Once again, all the very best to you.