Post op nausea

hi everyone, I had my surgery and Hipec treatment 25 days ago and came home after 20days. The reason I was in a bit longer than expected was nausea. I am still crippled with it and have tried every anti-sickness drug available, all with limited effect.

Did anyone else suffer this and if so what did you find helped? I am trying so hard to eat and drink but fear it is not enough and will end up being readmitted to hospital!

all suggestions and advice very welcome. Thanks


  • It’s really common unfortunately but the things that worked for me was to keep moving , walking as much as possible to keep digestive system and bowels awake and not sluggish , not easy I know but it really does help . I had peppermint oil to sniff when feeling sick , it helps clear the sicky feeling and peppermint stimulates appetite , try peppermint tea , peppermint cordial, mints, chewing gum all help. Eat little an often and if you are struggling to eat solids, have soup and slowly build it back up to soft foods. Weirdly enough when I couldn’t face anything at all , the hospital gave me haribos which helped stimulate my appetite. Hope this helps a bit, I remember struggling with the same and I do feel for you. Don’t lose heart you will get there in the end x get walking!! X  

  • Thank you flowery for response, I have been lying down to the nausea and taking conventional antiemetic , did you take these along with the peppermint? How long did your nausea last for? Thanks for this advice, I will get everything peppermint in tomorrow .


  • I had two surgery’s and experienced it both times , the first surgery I was completely unprepared and it carried on for around 6 weeks after and I got really poorly and had ileus . The second time around I knew what to expect and had everything in place and really got moving about as soon as I could even if I did leg exercises in bed it all helped . The moving about more helped massively the second time round . The more your body is active the better  And I mean literally a walk round the kitchen if that’s all you can manage will help your body think that everything is ok. Lying down prolongs things and then your stomach and bowels get sluggish which makes the nausea worse. Get some fresh air , breathe deeply and move a bit more x you’ll get there don’t worry. And eat anything you fancy at anytime , I used to watch cookery shows which I think helped ha x