PSA down from 74 to 9.6 after one month of hormone therapy

Hello, this is my first post so my thoughts are with all who are experiencing/have experienced the same journey. My husband was diagnosed with PC in April this year. It has spread to the lymph nodes and the bone with a gleason score of 9 in 10 of the samples and the perfect 10 in 2 of the samples taken at biopsy, so no option but hormone therapy. After his first monthly injection his PSA has dropped from 74 to 9.6. He has signed up for the Stampede trial and has been assigned to just the hormone therapy arm. We were hoping for a different arm but his cancer seems to be responding quite well initially to the Prostap judging by the first monthly results. He feels well, hasn't had any side effects from the hormone treatment so far and has no pain so we are trying to remain positive, as ever, and carrying on as normal; so, no matter how frightening the diagnosis, keep positive, keep smiling and surround yourselves with great friends and family :)


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    Wow this gives us hope. he has now started hormone therapy yet he's getting out of the hospital today so that might be an answer to one of the questions that we have I'm so glad that I found this group in concerns with what is going on God bless