Biopsy repeat

I have been under Active Surveillance for the previous 4 years after my first biopsy showed 3+4=7 Gleason score.

My PSA has been regularly checked and has currently come down from 9.2 to 8.4  yet my consultant has organised for me to have another biopsy. Why would this be?

  • This happens as you get older.  You have more ailments and medications that give you side effects which they try to give you more medication for.  Something for you to look forward to!  LOL

  • Oh whoopee can't wait. 

    Just got to wait 2 weeks now for my biopsy results and see where my journey starts.


  • Make the most of everything while you can.  My brother is 5 years younger than me and I always write - "Make the most of the next 5 years in his birthday card!  LOL.

    Here's hoping the biopsy results haven't gone up and C19 doesn't affect any of your treatment plans they may put forward.