Zoladex vs Prostap

I have just joined the group having searched for more info on Prostap vs Zoladex. I was diagnosed in Feb with metastatic prostate and a PSA count of 293. Lockdown and discussion with my Oncologist has put chemo on hold (but I'm still very unsure on this route) but it is still a 'possibility'.

I have just had my 3rd Zoladex (3 monthly) implant given to me by our GP practice nurse with no problems what so ever. I had joked with her while making the appointment about using a sharper scaffold pole for the injection this time - Zoladex being a 'larger' implant :-) To her credit, unrequested by me she spoke to the GP about making the implant less uncomfortable and they came up with the option of Prostap. A smaller needle and other sites available to implant??

Zoladex has resulted in my current PSA level being 17. Clearly it is working well and as such I opted to have Zoladex again (the fatter belly is starting to have a use).

BUT - does anyone have any more current information concerning Zoladex vs Prostap for me to consider before my next visit in December?

Please keep safe and as well as possible 

  • For me it started at the beginning of the conversation, after how are you.  I kno it doesn’t come easy, start at what is your most significant issue. For most of us our symptoms are minimal especially at the start so mental anguish is high up the list. It’s only natural, what is it that concerns you, what the future holds, physical changes from treatment, loss of identity, loss of intimacy in a relationship, changes in work ...   the list goes on for me

    you can only tackle them one at a time, come to terms there are changes, speak openly to your wife and family, show them that you’re not super human. Hiding my emotions normally meant they came out in unhelpful ways like being short or flippant.

  • What a star you are.

    It is probably easier to read it than to do it but I have a telephone Doctors appointment this morning (need to justify a face to face for personal) and I'm going to try to talk along the lines you mention. Probably easier as well in many respects

    Thank you so much

  • Hi Entremet, looks like we have been on a similar journey, similar age. My experience  with ADT, mental side, has been horrendous too. Haven't coped well at all on it. Go days feeling fine, and then for no logical reason get so depressed and down that I honestly think life isn't worth living and the thought is constantly on my mind for days. But I realise that its the ADT that's making me feel like this and I prey to god that when the ADT is out of my system things will improve. 

  • Hi Will60, I very much feel for you in the circumstances :-(

    I am trading off my side effects with the carrot that my PSA levels have dropped. Not enough yet I guess but I do remain hopeful. Although my condition has been advised to me as terminal, and nobody can tell me how long I have to go, I try to tell myself that I can get some sort of handle on the emotions. I say 'try' because it is so very difficult at the time they strike. No prior notice - just I'm here !!!

    Please hang in there as from what I have read there is life to be enjoyed after ADT. All this is all still very new to me and it's the not knowing or being able to prepare that are the biggest factors at the moment, but I'm determined to try and enjoy what I have now and file 'what might be' for another day.

    My thoughts and best wishes are with you 

  • Hi Joe, you are an inspiration sir. I do have a few melt downs now and again, and like I say for no obvious reason. But I see that this is common among men with our condition and its always good to communicate with folk who have or are going through similar journeys.

    Like wise I wish you all the best for the future.

  •  speak out to your gp. I feel for  I’m incurable rather than terminal therefore I’ll always be on adt. We need to learn to live with it.  There is lif with adt, we just need to learn to find it. Sertraline has certainly helped me. There’s help we need to find it and our ne normal 

  • Hello

    just read this and am moved.

    I am currently doing RT after RP and when I read your story I realise , the doctors have to check people early.

    I wish you all the best and hope your PSA comes down more

  • Hi, and thanks for your kind thoughts.

    It is a fact that we are all 'terminal' from birth - it's just a question of 'when' :-)

    I have taken your advice and I have spoken with my GP who was very supportive and sent me some links to a few organisations as well as facilities within our own practice. Proof if it were needed that even in these horrid times there is help/support out there. I felt much better after that and not so scared if I need to do it again.

    I have started my list of questions for the Consultant appointment in December. I may even speak to his secretary to see if sending them in advance is possible so that we can make the time at the hospital a little more productive on the day.

    Please keep safe and as well as possible