Advanced Prostate cancer

My partner has advanced Prostate Cancer and it has spread to since, ribs, hips and now to the Coxyys. It has been 2 yrs since diagnosis, but we are struggling with the emotional and physical aspects of what Cancer does and how it works your energy and varied mobility and mood.

Since being on hormonal medications it has not been easy, but not that he realises. Trying to keep positive but now feel we need extra help. We spoken to our GP but he said something about only finding for a max of 3 months of support and to save this for nearer the end. Is this correct?

We were thinking of trying to find the money to pay someone to help. I have looked at careers allowance but for the 22 hrs per week I work, earn too much as it is called.

  • My local health authority has arranged for various things to help cope with the effects

    i am early in my journey finished chemo in Jan, hormone therapy doing well at the moment.

    ive had conversations with a psychologist and others around fatigue and low mood. My go prescribed meds which help. I have assumed you require therapeutic help rather than practical 

  • If you can speak to your Macmillan Nurse or have a Maggies Centre near you go there and ask for advice and if necessary help filling in any necessary forms.  You may also have other Cancer Self Help Groups or charities in your area which can help you find the help you need and access it.

  • Young man

    It is getting to the stage at times we need both. We are both disabled but can do a small amount of things but I struggle with some of the operational/physical tasks.

    I am panicking about the future and constantly get atup set to the point where I am very stressed about him not being here with me. We have been together a long time.

    I am about lost for words to be honest.

  • Hi Jim788 here, has he been told if his cancer is curable or incurable? If incurable over pension age he should be entitled to careers allowance around £64 a week not means tested and free of tax, Under pension age he would be entitled to PIP, PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE PAYMENT which is around £150 a week. Its not means tested and is tax free. I have been getting PIP FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS, I have sadly found if you don't ask you don't get. I have been very fortunate that a Macmillan nurse sorted out all my entitlements for me, even to the extent of getting me a DISABLED BADGE. I have to say at times I feel guilty getting this entitlement as have 2 company pensions plus my state pension which started last year, not forgetting my wife who also has a state and company pension.

    NOTE I got my financial entitlements September 2018 I don't think anything has changed  

    Best wishes,
  • Hi ask the McMillan service at the hospital about ppi all incurable cancer patients can receive this.

    I have the same condition have had for over four years, if you speak to your doctor there’s a tablet called AlcaD it’s helps strengthen the bones, it’s helped me, plus a capsule called Pomi-t it has vitamins in it that helps with the PSA. 
    My wife, who is my carer, has been with me every step of the way, to appointments, scans, blood tests, everything. So knowing how my wife is stressed I certainly know how you both feel. I’am a very easy going person and take everything as it comes, of course it does get me down some times, but I bounce back, I do anything to keep my wife happy, even though she knows it’s me that’s in pain, but hey ho it’s what we do, you ladies are our back bone, without your help things would be different.

    So take care both of you and keep safe.