Hi,my husband had his prostate removed 10 years ago, then had an artificial sphincter fitted a year later. 
In the last 18 months he has experienced urgency and frequency to a point, if he knows we are going out he will not drink anything. He has been prescribed Solifenacin. I would be very interested to hear if anyone had had experience of this medication 



  • Hi Leanne. Sorry I don't have any experience of Solfenacin but I did have similar symptoms after having 20 sessions of RT in Feb/Mar 2019.

    Our GP practice had a cancer specialist nurse and she was brilliant. She suggested keeping a "Bladder Diary" by measuring both intake and outflow (get a cheap measuring jug from B&Q and throw it away afterwards) for a week to see where the peaks and troughs are. I was advised to immediately give up both alcohol and caffeine, which I did. I only drank water, Redbush tea and Twinings Turmeric infusions for a long time, but since the start of 2020 I have reintroduced coffee in the mornings and an occasional glass of wine (probably once or twice a month). I also try to restrict my fluid intake to the mornings and take very little after lunch otherwise I'm up several times a night for a pee.

    I also restrict intake if I know we are going out in the morning. I will then take more during the afternoon to compensate but of course the consequence is getting up in the night! A useful tip is to carry a wide-necked screw-top bottle in the car and empty the bladder when you get to wherever you are going.

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    (See my profile for more)
  • I take a mix of solefinacin and something else (sorry can't remember the name and don't have a pack I can check on now as all in my dosset box and waiting another repeat prescription) in a tablet called Vesomni.  My urological problems were not all caused by prostate problems or by prostate cancer but by a weak bladder.  I have taken many different tablets and now take this one which was recommended by other gents in the Walnut Club - the Maggies prostate cancer club.  I am told there is nothing better than this.  there are other medications that can be used so if this doesn't agree with your husband there are others he can change to.  I have not had any side effects that I know of from any of the medications I have been on other than dry mouth from desmopressin which I took many years ago.  The best advice I was given was to not drink any liquids after 6/7pm.  I drink decaff coffee and tea and hardly any alcohol.  Other than that i drink water frequently during the early part of the day and my last drink is a decaff coffee at about 6 - 6.30.  One of the many urologists I have seen also said it was a good idea to elevate my feet for a couple of hours before going to bed - ie in a recliner chair as this should level all the fluids and mean that I can urinate before bed and therefore shouldn't get up too many times in the night.  I still get up and I still have problems with my bladder after all the investigations, urology diary and various tests and treatments but I imagine it would be worse without the medication and if I drank caffeinated drinks.

  • I now take solifenacin every day. It has improved my symptoms no end. I recovered continence well after surgery in 2015 but after salvage radiotherapy in 2017 I would have random leaks, solifenacin has helped with this. 


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    thanks for replying 

    we carry a jar, 

    so far so good , the urgency seems to have lessened. 

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    thsnks for replying , I would be interested in the name of th3 other medication.

    mick doesn’t  seem to have any problems at night, we only drink decaf tea and coffee. 

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    im glad that this med has good results .

  • Hi,  Sorry for taking so long to reply have been out gardening while we had the good sunshiny days and my son visited yesterday so this is the first time i have been on here for days.  Vesomni is a combined tablet of 6mgsolifenacin succinate and 0.4mg tamsulosin hydrochloride.  Both are also used on their own too.