PSA from 5 to 74.5 in 4 Months

A sue shock and confused senecio. My husband had many symptoms, nausea, constipation, fever in pelvis, and more. Doctor did exam and came up with lump on prostrate. Following up, came a 5 on PSA. THIS WAS A START OF MY JOURNEY. I am 63 years 64. His father passed away years ago too young to be able to tell if it was hereditary or not. Test results show leasing 8 4 + 4  

He's now in the hospital with kidney bladder a issue because of cancer in his prostate. It has been three days and they put two tubes one in each kidney coming out the back to help drain the urine along with a catheter. Because of the prostate it swelled up enough to stop the urine from passing through the urethra. He 'd  got to the point where he was unable to urinate, and caused by the prostate. This is very devastating since my husband was such a healthy man prior to this happening. Be his whole life is going to change when he gets out of the hospital. Prostate plays a big part in your body it does a lot of important things we found that out on. Satin by all of this I've had to change my life also. If anybody has gone through this could you please tell me how you managed to deal with everyday life after the change of being diagnosed with cancer and kidney problems at the same time. Thank you everyone for reading this and for any advice that you can throw at me.

  • Hi , It's not unusual to have kidney problems with prostate cancer. My husband has problems caused by radiotherapy which mean he has to have urine drained and will probably need a stent fitted to resolve it. If you're not trying for children, a prostatectomy won't be a problem. It sounds like you might need to chat to the nurse. I'd suggest you call the helpline on 0808 808 0000. It's open 8am-8pm every day and is manned by experts who can answer your questions. You're in the very early days yet; a cancer diagnosis is always a shock, but you do toughen up after a while with all the tests and treatment. Things do settle for us carers to a certain extent. You might like to post in Carers Only (hover for the link) where you'll find many other carers who will understand what you're going through. Hang in there, you'll get through these early days.

    Hugs, LoobyLou

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