Confused! Hormone + EBR Or RP?

Hi all, brand new to the forum. Just found out a few days ago that I have PCa. I am 57, married and now just retired. I had no symptoms but was detected during a routine blood test. I have had an MRI scan and three weeks ago had biopsies taken. I got my results on Wednesday 9th Sept which came as a big blow, totally unexpected. Although not a lot sunk in at the time I know my Gleeson score was 7 but unsure whether it was 3+4 or 4+3. Also, the Consultant said that the cancer is confined to my prostate at the present time and offered me the option of Hormone+EBR or RP. I initially thought the less invasive EBR was my best option, (not going through major surgery),but thought the Consultant was pushing the RP option during our conversation. It would have been a lot easier if I had been told which is the better option for me but that isn't the case. From what I have read I understand both options have very similar side effects and neither option has been proven to be better than the other. 

what I am keen to understand is the recovery time for both options, bearing in mind the EBR option can extend over many months before the radiotherapy begins. Also, what the likely pro’s and cons are for each option? Thanks in advance of any guidance and advice.

  • Hi, I am T2N0Mx with a Gleason of 3+4. Many thanks for your adviceThumbsup  

  • Ian, have a look at my profile and my one and only post detailing my journey so far, similar age to you, similar condition.

    I opted for ADT and RT. I have a consultation with my Radiotherapist Consultant at the end of the month so will give an update then. Cant comment on the RP treatment, but all I can say is both treatments will have some effect on you, some profound. I think my issues were/are around the ADT rather that the RT.

    Good luck, whatever treatment you opt for.



  • Hi Will60, thanks for your post. Things have moved quickly for me and I had a RP on Tuesday 29th. I am back home now recovering but it does take the wind out your sails. I opted for this as I was told the cancer was confined to my prostate and i just wanted rid of it. Of course there are no cast iron guarantees and if there are issues with incontinence or ED I feel I will be able to cope with them easier than still having treatment For PCa. I guess there is no right answer and it came down to making a choice, hopefully I made the right one for me.

    good luck and take care.