Back to normal after RALP


Just wandering if anyone on here has had a RALP to remove the prostate and if if so did you ever get over the ED side affects? 

Just getting abit worried now because I had my prostate removed in March and haven't had an erection since. I was prescribed tadalifil to take twice a week as I had some nerves spared on one side but nothing working as of yet. 

Would be interested to hear other peoples experiences and advice if possible? 

I know it's not the most important thing to be worrying about as I am lucky enough that Mr Vasdev managed to remove all the cancer, but being 42 it's something that is a concern.



  • Hi I had mine removed in July 2019 still no erecting taking tadalafil daily does not seem to do much ,looking at a vacuum pump next I think try anything they offer desperate now.good luck