Radiotherapy for locally spread prostate cancer

Due for ct tomorrow then radiotherapy in just over 3 weeks.

Any advice as to what to expect re side effects or indeed anything to tip me off?


  • Hi Stromness and welcome

    You don't give any stats ie, psa gleeson etc. U say locally spread, I presume just outside the prostate gland and not affecting nodes etc.

    I also presume that u r on hormone treatment.

    Radiotherapy is fairly easy to tolerate, it only takes about 10 mins a day for the treatment.

    I found that the worst side effects were problems urinating and constipation, reading posts on here others seem to suffer the same.

    Obviously you can take meds but I found that they were of limited benefit.

    So it's just a question of tolerating until after the Radiotherapy finishes.

    Hope that helps and best wishes


  • Thanks do.much for that.  I had been using a catheter for 10 months before the green light procedure which has started the whole diagnosis process. Bladder and bowel problems are uppermost in my concerns so I am now more ready. You don't mention fatigue which is another major concern of mine so that's hopeful.

    Again, thanks so much.

  • PS. In nodes and Gleason 7 but all other assumptions correct.

  • Hi My husband started radiotherapy 2weeks ago, although the treatment itself doesn’t take long there is preparation before etc bowel prep, loads of water drinking , good luck

  • Thanks. Getting ready for all the preparation you mention this afternoon. Let me know how your husband gets on - well I hope!

  • I didn't find the RT particularly tiring, I did carry on working, it's probably the Hormone therapy that gives u the tiredness although as u are already on HT u r probably experiencing some tiredness already, hopefully won't get any worse

  • HI

    I went through RT last year for locally advanced prostate cancer T3b. Gleason 9 (4+5) PSA 10 The cancer was aggressive and had spread to my seminal vesicles and was  just touching the rectum but not lymph nodes. I was, and still am, on hormone treatment too.

    I got through 8 weeks of RT with not too much trouble. As mentioned its the getting the bladder full and rectum empty all at the right times that is the hardest part. I was also put on a low fibre diet which wasn't very interesting but seemed to help. I did have to get up once or twice in the night to urinate by the end of the 8 weeks. Personally I didn't have a problem with fatigue, but I did used to take a regular daily walk of 1-2 miles and I think this helped a lot.

    One year after treatment my PSA is down to 0.07 so it can be really effective. Keeping positive and active helped me get through it. 

  • Different treatment centres have different approaches. I never had to use an enema during my RT but did have to drink 600ml of water half an hour before the treatment started. One or two days were difficult as the RT machine broke down after I had drunk the water and I had to walk to another treatment room halfway across the hospital! On those occasions I was bursting by the time the treatment finished, but otherwise the staff were wonderful.

    Do make sure to tell them if you have any concerns and they will deal with them.

    Good luck with your treatment and keep in touch to let us know how you get on.

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  • Hallo fellow warrior!

    I had 37 sessions of RT in 2015.Last one was on my 75th birthday.

    After effects were much tne sa me as already mentioned.

    In particular Frequency of urination and Constipation, plus sore rectum.

    I later developed left inguinal hernia nd diverticulitis.

    On lots of meds for all this 5 years on.

    The worst thing about RT was holding in all that water!!!Also tiredness.

    May it go well for you

  • Hi

    I went through 37 RT sessions finishing in January this year. Apart from the time it takes to get to the hospital, full your bladder and use the enema the worst part for me was bowel issues.  Make sure you ask for a diet sheet and stick to it! Don't do what I did at Christmas and have a few sprouts and a couple of glasses of wine. Not funny!

    As has already been mentioned the RT does make one tired but so does any hormone treatment you may be on.

    The nurses will drum it in to you, and others have also said, exercise will help even if you don't feel like it - anything will be better than nothing!

    Good luck on your journey.

    Trying to get fit again!