Dad’s prostate cancer spread to bones and liver

Hi Everyone,

My dad (now 79) was diagnosed last July with locally advanced prostate cancer (Gleason Score of 9 (4+5)), at test time we were told it had spread to his lymph nodes but no spread to bones. Was on Bicalutamide then Prostap injections. Had 7 weeks of radiotherapy from Jan to March this year. Had some acute urine retention and is catheterised now. Given his age, he didn’t opt for chemo.

He has a couple of nasty water infections and then started feeling more unwell in June, got worse in July - aches and pains in ribs, back and neck and then started losing weight and muscle mass.

Our worst fears were confirmed a couple of weeks ago - it has spread to his spine, neck and ribs and there’s a small patch on his liver (not had biopsy but they obviously think it’s cancer). 

I know it’s not curable and, although no one has told him definitively, I fear we’re looking at weeks, maybe months,

Given that the hormone therapy clearly wasn’t working - although his PSA level has remained low, which seems to have surprised his oncologist - i asked about Abiraterone but they said he’s not strong enough for it. They’ve put his on liquid steroids (for a month) and that does seem to have helped with his energy/appetite and he’s currently on Oramorph and Fentanyl patches to help with the pain. He’s also back on Bicalutamide. He had a dose of palliative radiotherapy to his spine/neck.

Has anyone had a similar situation? Any advice - dad just seems so shaken by the quick deterioration and is struggling to process it. St Luke’s are involved and, despite no one telling him how long he’s got left, they’re asking him about “end of life” plans, so he now thinks he’s only got a few weeks at best.

Im struggling to know what to say to him to try and help with his mood. Can anyone recommend any complimentary medicines - I know he can’t be cured but just to help him feel better. Has anyone used CBD oil, would they recommend it and if so, can they advise where to purchase it safely from?

Thank you