Recovery and after effects of prostatectomy

Just been diagnosed with local prostate cancer. I can't make up my mind whether to have the surgery or radiotherapy. I'm 64 married with 3 grown up kids

  • Thanks mate 

  • Thanks Steve, they've said its confined so I was edging towards surgery but the thought of having a catheter in for 2/3 weeks and the wearing of pads puts me off slightly. Also if they can't do the nerve sparing, no erections or sex for the rest of my life, even if they do I can't imagine dry ejaculations cos they have to take the seminal thingies don't they? The 20 or so RT sessions sounds a better option but they can't start that till September/October as starting a new trial for every other day for 2 weeks, must be giving a higher dose I presume 

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  • Clippy

    With your low stats waiting a few months would be no problem

    I have to tell u though that after RT very little ejaculate/semen is produced so u do have to get used to 'dry' , it did bother me at first but I've just got used to it now.

    I read that orgasms r more intense which I couldn't believe at first..........but I do now.


  • What do the scans show?  If your MRI shows that the tumour is contained within the prostate then operation will deal with all of it - though not 100% certain as there always can be microscopic spread not picked up on scans.  However with low gleason unlikely.  RT is usually good but you can get similar side effects as those from the operation some of which do not appear until some time afterwards.  RT was best for me because the tumour was close to the back of the prostate and bulging so they could not guarantee that there had been no spread so RT was considered better as it would "mop up" more cancer cells if they had broken out of the prostate.  3 years on after Hormone therapy followed by one month of radiotherapy my PSA is still undetectable and at nearly 76 I am happy with that.  I would advise you to get hold of the Prostate Cancer Toolkit pamphlets - you can either read on line, download or have them posted to you on the Prostate Cancer UK website  This toolkit has all the pamphlets with information you need at the diagnosis stage so a good place to start and educate yourself about possible treatment options.  You can also contact the prostate cancer uk specialist prostae cancer nurses by telephone on 0800 074 8383.  I found them invaluable during my journey as hardly ever managed to contact my keyworker at the cancer centre as she was so busy and imagien things are much worse now in the present crisis so being able to call these specialist nurses is a big bonus and they were invaluable to both myself and my wife. 

    All the best with everything and keep in touch so that we know how you are getting on.


  • Thanks Des. The scans show the cancer is contained fully in the prostate so I suppose either option is good for me, I've been given some good news, the cancer I have is very slow growing and not likely to be life threatening in the next 10/15 years they're offering me the treatment to protect me in later life so I have plenty of time to weigh up the pros and cons of both options radiotherapy or surgery. I'll certainly try and get hold of the pamphlets you mentioned thanks and I'll keep in touch good luck for the future 

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  • Just wondering if they have offered brachytherapy too.  My brother had it just a year ago and it has gone really well.  Just a couple of nights in hospital and I think a week off work.  Ask your consultant if it is suitable for you and ask to be referred to a consultant who does this just to talk it over.

  • Hi, I had the non nerve sparing surgery, it saved my life, I’m 2.5 years in remission, but the fallout of erectile disjunction and incontinence is breaking me, I’m really broken, but I’m alive thank you nhs xx

  • I'm truly grateful for hormone therapy, chemical castration. I'm grateful that as well as being incapable I'm uninterested.

    My heart goes out to you you should see what help you can get. Perhaps Macmillan has counselling available.  Speak to nurse or gp

  • Hi I was diagnosed with a aggresive tumour in my prostate in April this year it was  a T3 Gleeson 8 I am a bit older than you and after I was given the diagnosis I wanted to get it out. Talked with my family and they all backed me the opp was carried out on the 6th June and I am doing well when catheter was removed I was nearly totally incontinent but a good bit better now and dry at night just got my results clear margins and lymph nodes clear with no further treatment required just periodic PSA tests for me it was absolutely the right desicion my advice is do your research ask lots of questions and go with your gut feeling.

    Mj shelton
  • Hi keylec.

    Congratulations, great news. I hope you continue to improve.

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