Recovery and after effects of prostatectomy

Just been diagnosed with local prostate cancer. I can't make up my mind whether to have the surgery or radiotherapy. I'm 64 married with 3 grown up kids

  • that truly is great news. 

  • Thanks for the info mate, the catheter part puts me off surgery as mine is slow growing PSA 5.6,Gleason 3+4 I've decided to have the radiotherapy. I like you thought at first just lets get it out but I suppose with yours being aggressive it was the best for you. No spread on mine totally confined to the prostate thank God, lm hoping to start radiotherapy come Oct/ Nov.  I wish you all the best for the future

    Regards Derek 


  • Hi Clippy

    I had prostatectomy 15 months ago for localised Ca. Likewise I was thinking after surgery all the cancer will be gone, but  it’s a fine balance when surgeon is trying to save  some of your muscles for bladder function and at the same time ensure most of the cancer is out. there is always chance that There is some Cancer tissues will be left behind . I was unfortunate , had surgery, 3 months later PSA started to increase , had 8 weeks of radiotherapy and now chemotherapy for the next 2 years. Now I learnt that had I opted for Radio and chemotherapy then the results would have been same but with far fewer side effects. With surgery, biggest problem is incontinance and Impotency. Chemotherapy causes intense hot flushes , it’s like sitting in an oven at 200 degrees. 
    If you are stage 2 or 3 and tumour is localised then go fir Radio and chemotherapy.

    all the best 


  • Thanks Mo, after much deliberation l have decided to go for the radiotherapy option, PSA is 5.6 and Gleason 3+4 consultant said tumour is localized to prostate ie no spread and is slow growing so not alot to be worried about. I'm due for another consultation in August to discuss start date for my treatment, l am also interested in how people coped with work during radiotherapy if anyone can enlighten me, 

    All the best to you too Mo

    Regards Derek 

  • Hi Derek

    In my experience, RT will take at least 3 hours out of your day. This, coupled with the fatigue caused, I feel will make working difficult. I don't work but, I'm not sure how I could have carried on doing my previous job safely.

    Some days, after I returned from hospital, all I could do was crash on the sofa. I am on Prostap as well which makes the fatigue worse.

    All the best


    Trying to get fit again!
  • I worked throughout Derek albeit less hours, it worked out ok but maybe depends on the kind of work that u do.

    If u work in an office u will be ok, I was driving and didn't really have any problems apart from constipation side effects.



  • Hi Stuart, thanks for the reply. I'm a delivery driver so I'm a bit worried about driving whilst fatigued. I could probably work from home doing some admin work on a laptop as I'm doing at the moment, bloody  boring as hell though. I could also go on the sick as I'll get full pay for 2 months if I start treatment in Nov. Don't qualify till then. So I guess I have choices I just wondered how tired you get. I don't think I'll have the motivation to fire up the laptop when I get home from the hospital. 

    Thanks again best regards Derek 

  • Thanks for the reply Steve, please see my reply to Stuart 

    Regards Derek 

  • Hi Derek

    Like Steve I didn't have any problems driving. That said I'm not sure I could have driven all day.  My bowel problems were the reverse of Steve's which I believe are more common ( 80 get diarrhoea at some stage ). So if you are one of the 80% driving might be tricky! 

    My RT finished in January and I am now continuing on 3 monthly  Prostap injections. Both make you tired. The Prostap also messes up your ability to read and perform sums in your head. I read a newspaper and see one word and my brain thinks it's another - very confusing! Yesterday I calculated 7% of 91 as nearly 20 - and I'm very numerate!

    If you end up on Prostap, or similar, the tiredness will also come with a lack of strength and stamina - for me that's the worst alongside not being able to think straight.

    I hope I am not putting too gloomy a spin on things but for me this is how it is.

    So both the admin and driving look problematic although everyone's experience is different.



    Trying to get fit again!
  • I don't work so time was no problem when I had my RT but the appointment didn't always run on time and could be delayed by up to and over an hour some days as some of the machines can become unreliable with age and then patients get shunted around. I was lucky to be assigned to a brand new machine but still suffered delays when one of the other 3 went on the blink. If you are going to continue working that may be something to consider. 

    Best of luck with whatever you decide.

    Best regards   Reg