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Prostate cancer

A support group for anyone affected by prostate cancer to come together, share experiences, and ask questions.


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I have prostate cancer , been to the hospital this morning they found a tumour in my bladder , I’m so down , they say it could take up to 2 months before operation, I live on my own so would welcome any thoughts, thanks 

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Keep your chin up and stay positive, also keep an eye on this site for more information. I'm a newbie and finding it really helpful. All we can do is keep going. 

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 welcome to the club no one wants to be a member of.  Don't be too-harsh on yourself.  We all go through different emotions on diagnosis.

Do you have any details, psa levels, gleason score etc. Have you had  biopsy yet?

If the cancer in the bladder has spread from the prostate then it is still classed as prostate cancer. This can be managed by hormone therapy.

Rather than going through all the details. I found it best to concentrate on the next step. Is the next step biopsy ?



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Hi Strummer

I think that u have posted here before, I think that your PC has been treated but they have now found the tumour in the bladder?

Having RT for PC can increase the possibility of  getting bladder cancer at a later stage but as youngman has asked, is it because the PC has extended/spread into the bladder? Could be worth asking the question.

Bladder cancer is treatable/curable though , I'm sure that they will get u sorted when things get back to normal. 

Best wishes