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Prostate cancer

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Quick update.

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Hi everyone,

                       Had a telephone consultation last Friday and discussed my situation with my consultant. She advised me I would be starting Zytiga (Abiraterone) on Tuesday (28th) along with Prednisolone steroid, I would continue to receive my Prostap hormone injection every 3 months as well. I have to go for a blood test every 2 weeks for 3 months initially with a follow up call the next day to advise me of results. I will be on this treatment plan until it is no longer working or if I become too unwell due to side effects.  I know its very early in this new treatment but I have no side effects so far and long may that continue. With me taking a steroid every day, I will have to steer clear of the fridge even more now lol.

Take care,  Tom.   

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