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PSA level experience

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Was diagnosed with a PSA level 20 about a year ago. Had a months bicalutamide pills and a Prostap 3 injection at the end of it. At the end of 3 months was about 2.0 so expected a further jab of Prostap but said no. PSA is now 11.8 and expected a further injection but no. Have another blood test in 3 months time to see how it goes as it may be static or reduced (thinks Pigs might fly). If PSA has increased another injection and will be back on Bicalutamide before it. Hopefully as I have had the course before it may  not be so discombobulating as last time. will know what to expect. Had  Prostap 3 hot flushes continuing until AugustSept after the 3 months had expired. All persons react differently but this is my record so far. Urinating increasing to nearly the frequency when I was diagnosed. But on the plus side at PSA11.8 achieved a couple of orgasms after I had lost all interest for nearly a year.