Here are some updates. I was G7 3+4 and had 60 fractions in 4 weeks a year ago. PSA dropped from  7.4 and rising before rt to 3.1 about 3 months later then 2.9 about 3 months after that. Nervously waiting for the next one after waiting 6 months this time. Sorry if I've written this before. 

  • Its going the right way.  When is your next PSA test?

  • It's 4 weeks today. But every day I think about the what ifs etc. I know about bounces and that it could be another year before it reaches its nadir. If that's the right word. I'm thinking about counselling, as this worry nonsense is quite irritating, especially as I'm told that so far there's no problem. 

    Thanks for replying and all the best to you.

  • I never thought much of counselling and always tended to just dismiss it until I was offered it by our local charity. It made me feel so much better just to sit in a quiet room with a cup of tea   and talk to a very understanding lady. It surprised me and it did help to sort out just how I felt and why I felt that way. Give it a go you've nothing to lose and you might just be surprised like I was. 

    Good luck with future tests.  Reg.

  • I’ve been quite fortunate with my PSA results. 
    At first I did worry about the next future test, but now I celebrate the test results and don’t think about my next test. If and when my PSA begins to rise, I’ll deal with it then or rather my oncologist will. Why spoil a good result by worrying about a future result that may or may not be a bad one.

    Best regards 

    Don't let your good days be spoilt by the worry of a bad day, that may or may not come along.

  • Very sensible advice, thank you! I've made a photo folder with screen shots of positive statistics I've read as I search Dr Google. (I know, I shouldn't!) Your post has been added to the folder as it was very helpful. Thanks. John. 

  • It is going to be a long four weeks isn't it.  You can only cope as best you can.  Counselling is worth a try along with trying to carry on normal life.  Getting out and doing things you enjoy.  Thing is there are still those wee small hours of the morning when you are on your own worrying.  I try yoga breathing if I get really anxious.

    Remember.  Worrying takes away our enjoyment of today and can't change tomorrow.

    All the best,


  • Thanks Des. The annoying thing is that I still do the what if nonsense, even though the two tests since rt both showed a drop! I think the second drop of only .2 made me concerned, but nobody else is. The consultant and my Dr are being quite positive. My anxiety started when I went through 5 years of CEA tests after bowel cancer surgery. And here we go again! 

    I'll stop posting introverted posts and try to enjoy the remaining good weather. 

    Best wishes.


  • You keep posting and we'll keep listening John thats what this forum is here for..  You are understandably worried most of the time.  The thing is to try and enjoy the moment.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised so we have to try and enjoy life moment by moment.  No one does it all the time.  No one can and always at the back of our minds is something about tomorrow next week or whatever but it is so much better if when we are thinking of tomorrow or worrying it is about getting to the airport on time or whether we remembered to do something for that trip or whatever unfortunately for us it is often an upcoming test or scan and it can be almost impossible to put that out of our minds.  With your next test only 4 weeks away you are bound to be anxious.  I would imagine most of us get anxious as the days flip by towards a test.  I know it is worse for my wife though she says nothing.  At the moment we have my brother-in-law to think of nearly 10 years younger who has had gullet cancer, a huge operation preceeded and followed by months of chemo and now 3 years later he is having problems again.  He had scans just over a week ago and has to see his surgeon on Friday.  I know my little sister and him must be worried to death and we live miles away life is such a worry isn't it.  I do hope your PSA shows another drop and do see if you can get some sort of counselling as just talking really can help.

    All the best


  • 60 Gy in 20 fractions It was. Getting a bit mixed up in my old age. Quick question, is that dose called hypofractioned radiation? I like to know things. Maybe hyper fractionated? 

  • And it's anxiety week again. Nobody can predict the next PSA result, but what is it likely to do from anyone's experience. 13 months after rt without ht. Same info as the above post. Haven't seen a counsellor or taken Lorazapam yet.