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Trial treatment not working what now ??

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My father has had chemo twice over the past 2 years for advanced prostate cancer. It has spread to his spine and has fractured his vertebrae. 
he was offered a trial drug which he has been taking since October and has just got weaker and weaker finally today the oncologist told him this medication isn’t working for him and there is nothing else to offer. He does have hormone injections. They are sending Macmillan out to look at pain relief and have said they don’t need to see him again as he is not having treatment. 
I wasn’t at the meeting with him as my mother and uncle were but I’m just wondering how can he live if not being treated or is this the end where they just make him comfortable ? I respect the fact that maybe he doesn’t want to know and for him to remain positive but I would like to know. Is there a life expectancy without treatment ? 

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Hi Willbop and welcome, sorry to hear of your dad's situation.

Do u know what the trial drug was, looks like it didn't agree with him anyway, perhaps he may feel better when the effects have worn off.

He is still on treatment, you say that is is on hormone therapy, hopefully that is keeping the psa down.

It could be worth looking at other clinical trials, look at for more info and search for trials.

Hopefully others will post with more comments/advice.

Best wishes