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Returning to work

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What are people’s experience of returning to work.

Ive got metastatic cancer in the ribs. Am on hormone therapy and just finished 6 cycles chemo.  I went into the office 1 day every three weeks  and worked from home between one and two weeks per cycle. 

I dreaded returning even working from home now the chemo has finished.  I’m struggling to be motivated. I know I need to start going back into the office but struggle because I’m not cured, will not “return to normal” whatever normal is or was.

fatigue is still an issue and the commute concerns me. I’m hoping to work from home more than go into the office although my role as team leader might not be feasible.  I’m 50 so retirement not an option,   I commute an hour ieach way, but the company have been good and if/when I’m unable to work they have insurance which will pay 50% salary with no end date.  Given the continuing number of appointments changing jobs is not an option 

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Hi, sounds like u have a nice little number there with the bonus of a sympathetic employer.

Unless u really hate it I would carry on, I found that it def helps to take your mind off the PC.

I am not working at the moment but if I could find the right position I would go back to work.

Your Chemo has now finished so u might find that u feel better in the next few weeks.

Hope that things work out ok for u


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Your employer sounds very supportive and understanding so hopefully you can come to some reasonable adjustments like working from home more.

I had supportive colleagues but also had a very unsupportive manager who made my time at work more difficult than it should have been. This was partly because they had “expected” me to take early retirement and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t say I was cured.

In the end long hours, a difficult commute and after work meetings caught up with me and I retired early September 2018.

I was 58 at that time, I would have preferred to work a bit longer, but no regrets. 


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Indeed it’s the not cured but that weighs heavy, not knowing how long I’ll live well for.

I had a critical illness payout and have wanted a new car, although I keep feeling guilty about spending because I’m not cured!

It’s an adjustment live well with cancer