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Prostate cancer

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Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Thank you Grundo 

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Hi Andy. I realise I'm a few days late to this discussion - apologies.

I had the same dilemma as you and agonised over it. Eventually I decided for surgery for the following reasons in case it helps...

RT can lead to the same downsides as surgery. I say 'can', everyone is different and one approach could be to look at 'average' treatment experiences & outcomes for each and think of which you'd rather have, and of not-so-good experiences & outcomes and think of which you'd settle for most. For me I didn't fancy RT because of the collateral damage and I already have IBS so feared making that worse. And I know of 2 people (relative and a friend of a relative) who didn't do so great on it. AS went off the table for me when my score kept rising. Brachytherapy was almost the choice, but some of the problem was v close to the urethra so I guessed that I'd get a fair bit of damage there from the treatment. Else I might well have chosen B'therapy. Almost did really. If I'd decided earlier AND it'd been well away from the urethra bladder & bowel I guess it'd have been a reasonable choice.

So, surgery. Went for wider surgery as the problem was near the edge and hoped (and prayed) to get rid of it all. Someone mentioned penis shortening - that hasn't been obvious. I had some control almost straight away. I did the pelvic floor exercises loads (and loads more) in the month beforehand which may have helped. Also I'm v active and not overweight which might also have helped.

If there's anything else you want to ask, just let me know. Hope it goes well!!


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Hi Andy! I am sorry to hear that on a technicality you are now a member of the club. 

I had RALP almost a year ago and I am still suffering from the side effects with incontinence and ED. It was a mini nightmare. 

My Gleason scores were higher as well as my PSA. 

In my non medical but experienced opinion I would advise you to NOT go the RALP route. Like me your still young and unless your in serious pain or the Drs tell you that your gonna drop dead soon. Look at the other options. Even if this means prolonging the inevitable (RALP for example) .

Good luck with everything and enjoy yourself ;-) for as long as possible. 

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I had laproscopic prostratectomy and was fine. ED an issue but Unfortunately it had already spread.  I was 50 at surgery so young

If anyone does delay surgery then you need to be aware of the risk you are taking. Your consultant might be able to advise individual risk factors.